Dr. Alan Kazdin and Erin Carrubba, LPC, CKPMT

Dr. Alan Kazdin and Erin Carrubba, LPC, CKPMT

About Dr. Alan Kazdin and Erin Carrubba, LPC, CKPMT

Dr. Alan E. Kazdin and Erin Carrubba, LPC, CKPMT co-authored many of the blog articles on this website as part of their work at the Yale Parenting Center. Erin has been a certified specialist at the Center for many years. She has extensive experience working with children and families specializing in behavioral difficulties and parenting stress. Erin also conducts highly sought after professional trainings and certifies clinicians around the world in Kazdin PMT.

New Year, Small Changes

Many parents use the beginning of a new year to reflect on changes they would like to make in themselves and with their children.  Maybe you would like your child to be a better listener, be more respectful, or get along with siblings better.  Big goals and ideas are great, but to make real change, [...]

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Praise is one of the strongest ways to influence your child’s actions

It can be the essential ingredient in improving behavior, or it can make behavior worse. The result depends on the quality of the praise and upon how and when it’s delivered.

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Parenting based on research

The research tells us that talking and explaining are weak methods of changing behavior. The stronger approach is to define a positive opposite—a good behavior to replace the one you don’t want—and then reinforce it consistently and often enough that it becomes your child’s default setting.

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