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Celebrities get us to Sesame Street in coronavirus special

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  May 8, 2020
Elmo and Cookie Monster will be joined by "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Black-ish" star Tracee Ellis Ross and actress Anne...
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How to Deal With Your Kid’s Annoying Habits

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  April 15, 2020
You might want to nag or scold, but positive reinforcement is more effective.
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Parenting Ideas and Strategies for Isolated Families

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  April 13, 2020
As a result of the pandemic, many parents spend more time at home with their children, from infants to college...
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Living with Children: Mindfulness parenting

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  December 28, 2019
According to HCF and psychologist Alan Kazdin, director of the Yale Parenting Center, "while punishment might make a parent feel...
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How to handle common parenting challenges

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  December 13, 2019
The situations are all-too-familiar. The teenager who refuses to get out of bed. The middle-school daughter who rages when it’s...
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A parenting expert shares the common mistake that psychologically damages kids—and what to do instead

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  December 11, 2019
After years of studying the psychology of parenting — and through my own experience of being a mother — I’ve...
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The Secret To Getting Your Kid To Stop Doing Something? Don’t Say Anything

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  November 2, 2019
Kids are kind of a mystery. One day they love something, then the next day they won't so much as look at...
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Do We Really Need Shooter Drills?

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  September 10, 2019
Alan Kazdin, professor of psychology and child psychiatry at Yale University, told NBC News that “the most important part of...
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Well-Intentioned Parental Behaviors Result in Kids Who Are Less Successful

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  May 10, 2019
The relationship between kids and parents is well-studied and researchers are perpetually learning more about what parents can do--or not...
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Westport cops teaching parents to spy on their kids

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  May 9, 2019
“Let’s think of a word stronger than ‘mistrust,’” said Alan Kazdin, research professor and Sterling professor of psychology at Yale...
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