About the Kazdin Method®

The Kazdin Method® has helped thousands of families learn the best parenting strategies for handling behavioral problems. Unlike other methods you may have encountered, our parenting techniques are based on over three decades of rigorous research, not just opinions.

The Kazdin Method® draws on the research of childrearing to help parents develop the specific behaviors they want, and also to develop broader character traits such as honesty, kindness, and respect. There is strong research that has focused on how parents can provide what’s called a nurturing environment, which means more general characteristics of home and family life that influence children. Our research has shown that routines and rituals in the home, simple things a parent and child or the whole family do on a regular basis, can help improve how a child does at home and at school, and can also make parents more effective in helping their children. And we know that a nurturing environment can have broad effects on children—better mental health, better physical health, better performance at school.


“I feel like the program changed my relationship with my son dramatically for the better. We had been at odds but now our relationship is based on love and respect for each other and I credit that to the program.”