“Our son was violent and sarcastic in the home—we were dealing with throwing objects, screaming, attacking siblings, chocking us, and more. All has decreased and many are totally gone. We cannot imagine where our lives would be without this program.”

Dr. Kazdin on Dr. Phil Show

Imagine living in constant fear that you will be attacked ” or even killed ” by your own child. Dr. Phil, along with Dr. Alan Kazdin, has advice for managing aggressive behavior.

Kazdin Method of Parenting

Dr. Alan Kazdin discusses his evidence -based approach to working with defiant kids and a great sense of humor.

Bullying: Fascinating Features and Intervention

At the Yale Presidential Inauguration Symposia on October 12th 2013, Alan Kazdin, John M. Musser Professor of Psychology at Yale University.

The Kazdin Method®

Watch Alan Kazdin discuss the Kazdin Method®

Is Your Child a Brat?

The idea that punishment teaches a kid not to misbehave is a myth, pure and simple. Here are three steps for actually changing your kid’s unpleasant behavior.

How to Stop Bullying

One third of teens report being bullied at school. Dr. Alan Kazdin talks about the effects of bullying and what can be done to prevent bullying and decrease its prevalence.

Dealing with Defiant Children

Nancy Shute, senior writer for the U.S. News “On Parenting” blog, reviews key tips from Alan Kazdin’s book on how to deal with defiant children.