Do you have difficulty dealing with your child?

Parenting is the most difficult job in the world but that does not mean that it has to be riddled with stress, anger, and guilt on a daily basis. The Kazdin Method® is devoted to sharing our knowledge to help parents be the best they can be. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works, your life with your child can be much easier.  Learn to enjoy your child by building an enriching relationship in which your child will flourish.

I have started reading the Everyday Parenting Toolkit book.   The positive is certainly replacing the negative and my household is becoming a happier place!  This is life changing for my family.”

Does Your Child:

  • Get up and ready for the day on time

  • Require help or reminders with various self-care behaviors

  • Bully others or have difficulty responding to bullies

  • Have trouble making friends

  • Talk back, cry or scream when things do not go their way

  • Hit or shout at family members or others when angry

Does Your Toddler:

  • Go to bed on time without a fuss

  • Have trouble with toilet training

  • Eat only one or two foods

  • Have huge tantrums when told “no”

  • Socialize with other children

  • Play nicely (and safely) with siblings and other children

Does Your Teen:

  • Argue over rules or requests several times each day

  • Have difficulty starting, doing, and completing homework

  • Use the computer/video game time excessively

  • Come home on time or break curfew

  • Complain a large part of the time, swear excessively, steal, argue, lie, or show a teen “attitude”

  • Hit peers, parents, teachers, or principals

Do You:

  • Get frustrated, debate or argue

  • Find yourself scolding or punishing

  • Argue with significant others or family over methods of handling problem behaviors

  • Get calls from the school

  • Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works

  • Worry about your child