What Parents Are Saying

“The sessions have been so helpful in making me feel more confident in how I parent m son.  My goal is to always be setting him up for success, well as much as I can.  🙂  This program has been such a positive influence on both of us.”

“I have started reading the Toolkit book.   The positive is certainly replacing the negative and my household is becoming a happier place!  This is life changing for my family.”

“This program has been a Godsend – I remember how I used to cry in the car because my children treated me so badly – no we are a family, we are connected, we play games.  My children are now my priority!  Thank god for this program!”

“It’s like I have hope again.”

“Your program has given me specific strategies to use but even more it has given me confidence so I do not have to wonder if I am handling things well.”

“I love this program so much and my family is in a much better place now.  My daughter can still be difficult once in a while but our home is so much calmer – and we are all less stressed.”

“I am so grateful to The Kazdin Method® program.  I felt like I had guardian angel on my shoulder working overtime because of these strategies!”

“When we started The Kazdin Method® , I had no idea how to handle my child.  Now I feel like we do and we have the tools.”

“Thank you for all you have done for us.  Those few weeks brought us skills that we can utilize for a life time.”

“My daughter has completely changed her attitude and she smiles so much more.  Her report card just came in and was fabulous.  The teacher and principal said they can’t believe the improvements.  Thanks!!”

“I feel like the program changed my relationship with my son dramatically for the better.  We had been at odds but now our relationship is based on love and respect for each other and I credit that to the program.”

“The program made me love my child again.”

“My child follows directions now and I don’t’ have to yell.  We have seen big changes in his behavior.”

“My son’s teacher asked what I was doing at home because he seems like a new child.”

“I feel like we’ve gotten our lives back. Thank you.”

“The Kazdin Method® was nothing short of a blessing for my family.”

“The program was illuminating and effective. We are all happier and our son is experiencing emotional success.  The program is simple to follow and when applied with love and diligence led to profound results.”

“Our son was violent and sarcastic in the home—we were dealing with throwing objects, screaming, attacking siblings, chocking us, and more.  All has decreased and many are totally gone.  We cannot imagine where our lives would be without this program.”