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3 Surprising Ways Our Parenting Can Cause Terrible Damage To Children

By Nancy Mangs / October 25, 2021
Even those of us who are not parents have all had parents, be they present and caring, estranged, alienated, absent, neglectful, abusive,...
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TikTok Mom Video Threatening Her Kid With A Wooden Spoon

By Nancy Mangs / October 3, 2021
Dr. Alan Kazdin advises parents to use positive reinforcement and effusive praise with their children instead.
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Parents Are Losing Their Minds Over Masks in Schools

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / August 8, 2021
Several states have low vaccination rates, rampant COVID-19 spread, and no mask mandates in schools. Parents are worried for their...
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Parents Should Not Be Spanking Their Kids, and Here’s Why

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / September 25, 2020
While most parents spank their children at some point, experts advise against the disciplinary practice. Learn more about the negative...
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The “ABCs” of child behavior in a free online course

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / September 25, 2020
Since 2017, the Everyday Parenting course has been available online offering a “toolkit of techniques” to help parents develop positive...
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Celebrities get us to Sesame Street in coronavirus special

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / May 8, 2020
Elmo and Cookie Monster will be joined by "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Black-ish" star Tracee Ellis Ross and actress Anne...
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Talk therapy works — but how?

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / May 2, 2020
The argument isn't whether "talk therapy" is helpful. The argument is more about how and why these treatments work, and,...
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How to Deal With Your Kid’s Annoying Habits

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / April 15, 2020
You might want to nag or scold, but positive reinforcement is more effective.
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Parenting Ideas and Strategies for Isolated Families

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / April 13, 2020
As a result of the pandemic, many parents spend more time at home with their children, from infants to college...
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Don’t just “look for the helpers;” be the helper

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / April 5, 2020
One of the easiest ways to teach your children to be helpers is by doing more helping yourself.
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