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Parent Acts: How to deal with a defiant child

August 5, 2016
"The problem with 'defiance' is that it puts something in the child," said Alan Kazdin, professor of psychology and child...
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No Spanking, No Timeout, No Problem

March 5, 2016
A child psychologist argues punishment is a waste of time when trying to eliminate problem behavior. Try this instead.
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When Your Kid Whines, Screams, Hits, Kicks, and Bites — Relax

September 14, 2015
When I told my wife I was writing a story about an illustrious child psychologist, she said, half-jokingly, “See if you can pick up anything useful.” We both knew what she meant: anything that might prove useful in handling our daughter, a four-year-old spitfire whose virtuosity on the monkey bars and heroic self-reliance are matched only by her gift for busting our chops.
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What Every Parent Should Know About Timeouts

December 10, 2014
Timeouts are a disciplinary tool that is widely misunderstood and frequently misused. Everyone has heard of timeouts, and they seem simple to use. Your child does something wrong, you send her to sit by herself for some set period of time. But, perhaps surprisingly, this is all many parents know about timeouts.
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How To Get Children To Behave Without Hitting Them

September 19, 2014
There's plenty of evidence that spanking, paddling or hitting children doesn't improve their behavior in the long run and actually makes it worse. But the science never trumps emotion, according to Alan Kazdin, head of the Yale Parenting Center and author of The Everyday Parenting Toolkit.
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Why We Aren’t The Parents We Know We Could Be

June 23, 2014
Most parents I know suffer from occasional — or constant — eruptions of parental self-judgment: moments when they feel they fall short of being the parents they could be. There's a gap between what they know about effective parenting (in the abstract) and what actually happens in everyday practice — in the car, in the supermarket, in the living room.
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Parenting Tips for Changing Kids’ Behavior — Without Screaming

July 15, 2013
or even the most seasoned parents, everyday responsibilities like enforcing bedtimes, establishing good eating habits and managing sibling infighting can feel overwhelming. We discuss strategies for using positive reinforcement to deal with a range of ordinary parenting challenges throughout a kid’s life — from toddler to teenager — with Dr. Alan Kazdin, director of the Yale Parenting Center and author of the new book, “The Everyday Parenting Toolkit.”
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Mental Health Care Needs an ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Model

February 20, 2013
Many routine but important medical services today are far more convenient to obtain than they were a generation ago. So how could these types of conveniences transfer to mental health services?
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Smarter Ways to Discipline Children

December 5, 2012
Research Suggests Which Strategies Really Get Children to Behave; How Timeouts Can Work Better
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Connecticut School Shooting: 4 Tips to Help Kids Cope

December 4, 2012
Every parent trying to come to grips with the scope of the tragedy in Connecticut is wondering how to talk to their kids about it.
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