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Discipline for Softies

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / August 2, 2008
Forget everything you've ever heard about how to deal with kids' bad behavior. According to this leading child psychologist, you...
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Taming Your Toddler

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / July 27, 2008
For those times when your kid goes from zero to possessed in 60 seconds—and you feel like you're yelling at 160 decibels—a top psychologist offers some soothing (and surprising) advice. 
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Child behavior specialist Alan Kazdin answers our staffers toughest kid problems

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / July 19, 2008
Alan Kazdin, Ph.D. outlines strategies gleaned from his work with thousands of patients—and offers hope to beleaguered  parents everywhere. Here, he helps Cookie staffers with their own...
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Good Parents, Bad Results

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / June 8, 2008
In this day of two­ earner couples and single parents, when 9­ year­ olds have cellphones, 12 ­year­ olds are binge drinking and having oral sex, and there is evidence...
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Disciplining children effectively

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / June 5, 2008
Deciding how to discipline a child can be one of the hardest parts of being a parent. Even parents of...
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Handling Defiant Kids Made Easy

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / June 1, 2008
Parents grappling with how to change the behavior of a defiant tantrum-prone child often turn in frustration to books for...
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Praise a Child Right, and You’ll Get Results

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / February 8, 2008
Alan Kazdin knows where I’ve gone wrong. He knows that I nag, and threaten, and then try to reason with...
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Parenting by the Book

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / February 1, 2008
What parent hasn’t had to deal with an unruly child? Throwing a tantrum in the supermarket. Refusing to go to...
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