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Family Summer Time

School is almost out and that can be a relief for many families.  During the school months, getting children up and out of the house on time, making special arrangements for after school or sick days, getting homework done, and so on is hectic.  Summer can be a welcome and valuable break from these struggles, but of course has its own challenges and opportunities. Summer is a great time for family activities.  It is beneficial for a family to have at least one activity in which family members are together.  How expensive the event is, how much excitement the event brings to the child, and how many souvenirs are bought are not important.   Family activities can increase a child's psychological and behavioral well-being.  Going to a sporting event, [...]

By | June 14th, 2015|For Parents|

Choosing the Right Activities for Your Child And Practice

Many parents want to have their child participate in lessons or activities of some kind to learn a new skill or develop a competence.  These can include lessons in one of the arts (dance, music) or sports (gymnastics, swimming, martial arts).  These activities often represent challenges for parents including selecting which activity, managing transportation, encouraging the child to practice, and of course the costs. It can be valuable to have your child learn a new area of competence.  In selecting which activities are best for your child, there are a few considerations that may be helpful. Give priority to activities that can be lifelong. For example, developing an interest in a team sport such as baseball may not be lifelong, but physical activity and exercise [...]

By | April 14th, 2015|For Parents|

New Year, Small Changes

Many parents use the beginning of a new year to reflect on changes they would like to make in themselves and with their children.  Maybe you would like your child to be a better listener, be more respectful, or get along with siblings better.  Big goals and ideas are great, but to make real change, we suggest you think smaller. You may wonder why you should start small if my child knows how to be good and is just not doing it.  It seems that children often "know" how to do something especially if they have done it before, but they do not do the behavior consistently.  Is that manipulative?  Is it defiant?  Usually the answer is "no" to both questions.  In fact, knowing something [...]

By | January 1st, 2015|For Parents|
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