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Parenting Articles

Fostering Flexibility

Flexibility in your parenting can be very important.  While most of us consider ourselves to be flexible, so much of parenting seems to require NOT being flexible, so let us consider how this could work. Raising children seems to require that a parent has fixed rules that should not be compromised.  So many issues, such as bedtime, homework, and the morning routine, require structure and consistency. Whether the home and these routines run smoothly or work at all depends on structure and parent consistency; however, it's important to know that flexibility is not the absence of structure.  Flexibility merely refers to being able to change your view, approach, and rules once in a while in relation to something your child would like.  It reflects the [...]

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Myths of Punishment

As the new year is beginning, many of us begin to think about what changes we can make in our lives.  Parenting is such an important job, and we often hope that we are being the best parents we can be. Punishment for misbehavior comes so naturally to us.  We barely even think about it in part because our brain is hard wired to pick up negative behaviors (not listening, arguing) and do something about them, much more than it is to notice positive behaviors (following directions, playing nicely) and do something about those. Despite our inclination, punishment is not very helpful in accomplishing our goals as parents (or in society) when that goal is just to get rid of some behavior. Maybe the single [...]

Back to School

It is that time of year again.  The time when we trade days filled with camp, trips, and late bed times for structure, homework, and early wake ups.  Although many parents are often relieved to get the year started, the transition back to school may not be easy for children or parents. As you child begins school, we recommend developing a regular routine for mornings and after school time.  Getting into these routines, however, can be a source of tension in many families.  You may find yourself repeating directions and yelling as you try to get your child moving in the morning.  Remember to keep tensions down and stay calm. If you child is not good at a part of the routine, you can help.  [...]

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Easy Tips for a Fun and Constructive Summer Time

Be down with down time.  There is so much structure and rushing around during the school year.  Allow summer to include some down time for your children. Make family time.  Summer is a great opportunity to create some family time.  Do something together as a family.  Take a bike ride, go to the beach, or play a game at home together. Encourage reading time.  Summer reading is one of the best ways to continue learning and avoid losing skills over the summer.  Reading to your children or having them read on their own is important.  Allow them to choose the reading materials they enjoy.  Most local libraries or your child's school provide a fun summer reading program.  Participate in this program to encourage reading throughout [...]

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School is out for the summer

School is out for the summer and everyone is ready for a much needed break.  During the school months, getting children up and out of the house on time, getting homework done, and so on is hectic.  Summer can be a welcomed and valuable break from these struggles, but of course has its own challenges and opportunities. Summer is a great time for family activities.  It is beneficial to have at least one activity in which family members are together.  Family activities can increase a child's psychological and behavioral well-being.  Focus on any activity that allows family members to engage with each other.  The activity does not need to be expensive or over the top thrilling to gain the benefit.  Go to a sporting event, [...]

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Annoying Behaviors and How to Get Rid of Them

You love your children and often enjoy their lively and silly presence.  Sometimes, however, they can exhibit annoying behaviors.   If you could only get rid of some of these irritating habits, maybe life would be a little easier at home. Contrary to what most people think, the child is not being manipulative, mean, or anything quite like that.  Oppositional and annoying behaviors emerge as a part of normal development for many children.  They usually drop out as the child get's older.  However, how others (especially parents) react and respond to these behaviors when they happen can cause an increase in them. Reprimands, threats, other punishments are not very likely to change annoying behaviors.  One comment we are all guilty of using, "If I told [...]

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