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When your child wants the truth about Santa

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / December 23, 2018
When my kid busted us on the Tooth Fairy last year, I knew that Santa Claus was next. "That's you,...
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New Study Demonstrates Dogs Help Children Recover from Stress

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / December 22, 2018
A new study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology found that children experiencing stress who...
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So Your Child Has Failed. Here’s What to Do Next

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / December 9, 2018
Just like adults, children sometimes fail. And when they do, parents too often do not react. They figure that failure...
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How to stop yelling at your kids and do something more effective instead

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / November 26, 2018
Yelling doesn't change a child's behavior in the long term, but these habits can.
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I Took an Online Parenting Class with My Wife and We Stopped Having Sex

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / November 21, 2018
My wife and I are avid DIYers — we prefer to do things ourselves rather than calling in outside help....
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Why You Should Stop Yelling at Your Kids

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / October 20, 2018
It doesn’t make you look authoritative. It makes you look out of control to your kids. It makes you look...
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Alan Kazdin Keynote at the 2018 International Conference on Eating Disorders

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / March 19, 2018
Alan Kazdin presented new ways to about treating eating disorders, that are provided in everyday settings by lay people, not...
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Kazdin receives teaching award for ‘Everyday Parenting’ online course

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / March 16, 2018
Alan Kazdin, Sterling Professor of Psychology and Child Psychiatry and director of the Yale Parenting Center, received the Learners First...
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Do parenting experts agree with Kelly Clarkson’s view on spanking?

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / January 11, 2018
Kelly Clarkson’s controversial comments about spanking her daughter have ignited social media and drawn strong opinions in the parenting world.
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3 Myths About Your Teen’s Bad Attitude

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin / December 12, 2017
Does this scenario feel familiar? Marisa is 12-and-a-half years old. She has become moody and irritable, wants much more private...
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