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When Children of Abuse Become Parents

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  September 26, 2009
It's hard enough for any parent to know what to do when a child acts out. For caregivers who themselves...
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Plan B: What to do when all else has failed to change your kid’s behavior

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  September 17, 2009
Let’s say that there’s something you really, really want your child to do: complete toilet training before starting preschool in...
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Bullies: They can be stopped, but it takes a village

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  August 17, 2009
Let’s say you find out that your child is being bullied by a schoolmate. Naturally, you want to do something...
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I think I’m worried about my kid

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  May 5, 2009
How do you decide whether to seek professional help in dealing with a child’s misbehavior? Families come to the Yale...
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The Messy Room Dilemma: When to ignore behavior, when to change it

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  March 17, 2009
Thanks to more than 50 years of research, we know how to change children’s behavior. In brief, you identify the...
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No, you Shut Up! What to do When your Kid Provokes you into an Inhuman Rage

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  February 5, 2009
If you’re a parent, you are probably familiar with being provoked into a blood vessel-popping rage that instantly overwhelms any...
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Yale Prof and the Finer Points of a Child’s Timeout

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  August 16, 2008
The best sellers would have you believe that timeout is a time for your child to think about what he did wrong. But Kazdin says that timeout is simply a period of time in which access...
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Discipline for Softies

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  August 2, 2008
Forget everything you've ever heard about how to deal with kids' bad behavior. According to this leading child psychologist, you...
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Taming Your Toddler

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  July 27, 2008
For those times when your kid goes from zero to possessed in 60 seconds—and you feel like you're yelling at 160 decibels—a top psychologist offers some soothing (and surprising) advice. 
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Child behavior specialist Alan Kazdin answers our staffers toughest kid problems

By Dr. Alan E. Kazdin  /  July 19, 2008
Alan Kazdin, Ph.D. outlines strategies gleaned from his work with thousands of patients—and offers hope to beleaguered  parents everywhere. Here, he helps Cookie staffers with their own...
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